You may already be familiar with toy companies, both large and small.  Some of these companies have been popular for generations.  High-quality toys never go out of style.
However, there is always room for new companies and new products.  Our startup company wants to bring new toys to the public's attention.  The new generation of children will love our toys!  We invite you to visit our toy collection, and hope you will support our project on

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What Are "My Petal Pets" Toys?

There is a magical place called the Planet of Petal Pets.  This wonderful place has magical fairy animals.  These cute little animals are loving and loyal, and want to live with children on Earth.

 The animals have antennas, wings like butterflies, and colorful hair.  Each Pet wears a necklace that has a magical pendant.  The pendants help the pets travel throughout the cosmos on their journeys to the Earth.

Other toy companies have nice toys, but My Petal Pets are unique and original.  You will not find a toy like it anywhere else.  Whether you are a parent, grandparent, or school teacher, you will want to order at least one Petal Pet.  When you see the delight in a child's eyes, you will want to recommend My Petal Pets to all of your friends.


Create A World Of Wonder With My Petal Pets

There is more than one purpose for play.  To be healthy and happy, children need plenty of playtime.  They need time to simply relax and play with their toys.  They need to have fun.  Carefree playtime is one of the most important parts of childhood.
When you choose the right toys, though, play can be educational, too.  There is something very important children will learn with My Petal Pets.  Without any effort, these toys will help children develop their imaginations.  The ability to use their imaginations is an essential part of childhood that every youngster should experience.
The experience of play benefits children throughout their lives.  While Petal Pets will attract youngsters of all ages, kids will continue to benefit after they have outgrown their toys.  The imagination they build when they play with Petal Pets will help them stay healthy and happy when they are grown.


Create A World Of Wonder With My Petal Pets

Most people have at least one child in their lives.  Perhaps you have a young child of your own, or a grandchild.  Perhaps you teach preschool, Kindergarten, or a First Grade class.  All of these children will love to have Petal Pets. 
Think about your own childhood, and how much fun it was to "play pretend."  My Petal Pets can provide a new generation of youngsters with this same opportunity.  Perhaps you enjoyed making up names for your toys, making up stories, and interacting with your toys as if they were real.  If you were like most youngsters, the toys you enjoyed the most were more than simply toys.  You considered them to be your friends.  While they provided many hours of carefree fun, they also helped you develop an active imagination.  The children in your life today can have the same benefits with My Petal Pets.
Whether you have one child in your life or many children, you can help them create a world of wonder with Petal Pets toys.  Think of how happy they will be when they open the package and see a magical creature from the Planet of Petal Pets.  As soon as the children start playing with a Petal Pet toy, it will quickly become one of their favorite toys.  They will want to keep their new toys forever!
When you choose My Petal Pets, you will feel good about your decision.  There is nothing quite like enriching a child's life with imagination and happiness.  You will immediately see why every child should have at least one.  When you choose Petal Pets, you are doing more than making a child happy with a new toy.  With this special toy, you are making a child's life even better!  You will be glad you decided to support our new business!



Daisy-Rose is a fairy of flowers. Every morning, she dances around and sings beautiful songs for the flowers to help them grow. Daisy-Rose loves to eat nectar, dew and berries.
Daisy-Rose has a white body, pink and purple hair and floral embroidery around the eyes.



Candy-Latta is a fairy of candy. She is the one who makes all the sweets you eat so delicious! She can turn anything into candy. She loves picking fruits and berries to make candies and marmalade from them. However, she advises all her friends not to eat too many treats and to brush their teeth after eating sweets!
Her body is purple, and her hair is purple and blue. Her face is embroidered with candies and flowers. The set includes hair accessories, the color of which may vary.


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